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Frequently Asked Questions about External Walls Insulation.

Below is a short list of questions we find our customers asking on a regular basis. If your question is not answered below, feel free to Contact Us and hopefully we can help.

What are the benefits of External wall insulation

There are a number of benefits to external wall insulation, in fact any insulation upgrades if carried out properly will benefit both your standard of living and your savings. Generally the more works you have done the more money you will save over the course of the buildings life.

As with most of the houses built in Ireland pre 2006 your house would probably be classed as under insulated, which basically means that your home is not retaining the heat. A good indication of this is when the heating is turned off, the houses get cold again after a very short period. By externally insulating your house you are insulating the larger surface area of your home where heat is escaping. Most houses loose between 35% to 45% of the heat generated through the walls. This heat could be retained for much longer periods by getting external wall insulation

Some of our past clients to date have reported that they only have to use their heating for 1 or 2 hours per day compared with a previous heating times of 5 to 6 hours, that will result in less hours running time on your boiler and lower fuel bills.

So how does it work? By externally insulating your home home a layer of insulation wraps your walls and slows down the heat transfer from inside to outside, thus allowing a heat reserve to build up in the existing walls, much like a low temperature storage radiator. As the temperature drops this stored heat is slowly released back into the house. 

think smart and insulate outside your home with external insulation by warm walls insulation Dublin

Another benefit is a new look to your home with a low maintenance finish, which only has to be painted every 15 - 18 years. To keep it looking fresh just apply a light power wash as instructed in the supplied home owners manual which comes with the manufacturers 10 year warranty.

So lets summarise the benefits of external wall insulation 

- Less energy required to heat your home, thus lower fuel bulls.

- More balanced comfortable heat throughout your home

- Avail of the current government grants through Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland 


- redecorate the outside of your house giving a new & fresh appearance

- Improve your existing Building energy rating

- No need to move out while the works are being carried out.

- Reduce existing mould growth problems and damp

- Cover up existing unsightly render / finishes and cracks.

- Internal area remains unchanged as the insulation is applied out side the home.

How do I Know if my walls are suitable for External wall insulation

Most wall types are suitable for external wall insulation, with the exception of a timber structure. Under the Testing method used by the NSAI, no timber wall types are certified. This means that under the SEAI grant scheme, if your walls are timber you will not be eligible for the grant. 

How long does it take to install external wall insulation

On most houses and depending on weather conditions, warm walls insulation can have your house finished between 7 - 10 working days. 

Am I entitled to claim the grant for external wall insulation 

The Grant is available to everyone or more importantly to every house, from once a whole house solution is achieved. To find out more about the grants just press the Grants link in red. The best way to ascertain if your home insulation works will qualify is to have one of our technical representatives call to your house and do a free survey. 

How much does it cost for external wall insulation 

It is very hard to give an exact external wall insulation cost as all houses are different. When pricing a job for clients we break down every aspect of the job in our quotation and discuss it in detail with you. The table below shows some guide prices, however it would be best to have one of our technical representatives call and do a free survey.

House Type       Price Range       House Size        Grant Available       End Cost

Mid Terrace     €6500 - €8000     50m2-60m2           €1800        €4700 - €6200

Semi-D          €10000 -€14000   80m2 - 120m2        €2700        €7300- €12200 

Prices giving are guide prices only. 

How much experience do you have and how are you regulated

As one of Ireland's first registered contractors in 2009 with the SEAI and the NSAI for external wall insulation, Warm walls Insulation has completed over 100 homes with external wall insulation throughout Ireland.

As an installer registered with the SEAI and as a contractor carrying out external wall insulation works we also have to be approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.(NSAI) This process involves regular audits and inspections on a regular basis from the NSAI.

Also as part of this scheme we can only use external wall systems that have been tested to the NSAI standards (also known as Irish Agrement board). We also must hold up to date training certificates from the system holders. Warm Walls Insulation is registered to use 2 NSAI products, Climatech from Bostik & ParexLanko. To view the NSAI certificate for each product press the link below to download.

Link to ParexLanko

NSAI Agrement certificate

Like to know more about the external wall insulation process, then click the "what we do" button below

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