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External wall Insulation

Some of our completed houses to date

Often referred to as exterior insulation, outside insulation or just external insulation. It involves the cladding of external walls (which are not suitable for cavity insulation) with a composite build of seamless rigid insulation to the entire envelope of the building, then coating that insulation with a reinforced protective base coat before applying a low maintenance finish coat, usually a coloured acrylic render.

Regarded the world over and now also in Ireland as the best type of insulation installation because it wraps the entire building with insulation, thus preventing the possibility of cold bridging. This is because all problem areas are visible during the installation, and can be addressed by a quick survey before applying the base coat.

SEAI Grants for External wall insulation


Detached house              =€4500

Semi Detached House    = €3400

Terraced / Apartment    = €2250

External wall insulation Van 1 Warm Walls insulation
external wall insulation Van 2

Although relatively new in Ireland, this method of insulation has been used the world over where weather conditions reach well below freezing point. The technology and results from external wall insulation has been so sucessful that almost all low energy houses incorporate into their design.

The acrylic top coat being a low maintence render has proven to stand the test of time and has been used in Europe & the USA since the 1960's. ​

As a home insulation retrofit solution to existing houses that are not suitable for other insulation methods such as Cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation offers the home owner the following advantages:

1. 100% insulation coverage to all external walls.

2. The ability to transform a tired and out dated appearance    of existing houses.

3. Low maintence finishes.

4. An even displacement of heat throughout the house.

5. Reduced heating bills forever.

External wall insulation finish by warm walls Insulation

Lets look at a range of colours

Often one of our most common questions is how will it look. Well our friends in ParexLanko have provided  a colour simulator on their web site. Just click on the ParexLanko logo and it will divert you to the Parex website where you can use the similator to help you choose a colour.

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