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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall

Cavity Block Wall

As seen from the diagrams the section taken through the cavity wall shows the cavity is clear in that both walls constructed side by side do not connect, thus no cold bridge is formed (cold bridge is where cold can pass from the outside to the inside of the building without being obstructed by insulation.)

We can now see that the hollow block wall has cold bridging happening throughout it's construction and therefore is not suitable as the cavity block (hollow block) as it does not eliminate the cold bridge. 

Cavity wall insulation installation involves the drilling of a series of 22mm diameter holes to the outside of your home and pumping under pressure a small bead which is mixed with a water based adhesive which bonds the insulation together. This is an important factor. For example, if in the future a vent was required in the wall and a large diameter hole is cored out, the bead will remain in place as it is "Bonded" together with the adhesive.

The trained installer then proceeds to fill the cavity through the pre drilled holes with our specialist equipment. When the cavity is full the system is designed to shut off automatically much like the pump in your local filling station.

Once the installation is complete our installers patch up the holes, ready for the home owner to paint. Where Brick is present our installers colour match the mortar joints between the bricks.

The ability of the bead to flow under applied pressure through 22mm holes, means that it can fill every void, producing a complete fill every time with no cold spots.

We can drill on new builds before the internal side of the external walls are plastered or from the outside on existing houses. Using a tested drilling pattern as indicated in the picture below we can insulate all of the cavity walls.

So what is involved with getting Cavity Wall insulation

Our Thermobead injected cavity wall system, is offered as the best solution for block construction, weather new build or retrofit.

When installed in a 100mm cavity wall our insulation can achieve a u-value of 0.27 w/m2k which in in line with the current requirements as set out by the SEAI for retrofit cavity wall insulation.

With Full Irish Agrement accreditation, through the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) & continually monitored throughout production for correct densities, along side only using fully trained installers, each independently assessed by the NSAI, we offer the quality of product and service you would expect from Dublin's leading insulation company.

Warm Walls Insulation are Dublin's Leading insulation company and can deliver a complete insulation solution to your home. As part of this service we are SEAI registered installers of "ThermoBead" bonded bead cavity wall insulation.

First let us explain a little about cavity walls which are often confused with cavity blocks or (Hollow blocks).

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